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Before You Go

Before You Go ::
There are so many things to try to remember to do before you leave on a European vacation. Try to relax throughout this process. You are going on vacation! We have complied some suggestions to help you remember what to do before you travel... |read more|

Budgeting for Europe

Budgeting for Europe ::
Budgeting for your trip to Europe is one of the most important steps to take and needs careful consideration. No one wants to run out of money in a foreign country or run up a credit card for unexpected expenses. Review our budgeting tips and tools to help you set up a realistic budget for your European Vacation... | read more |

Packing Checklist

Packing Checklist ::
There is a buzz of excitement and anticipation before going on an overseas vacation. In that excitement, people have the tendency to pack for every occasion under the sun. It’s good to be prepared, but you don’t want to lug around an overstuffed suitcase or run into extra fees at the airport. Below you will find a packing checklist that will help you make this task as stress free as possible... | more for general and family travelers | more for backpackers |

Health and Safety while Traveling in Europe

Health and Safety while Traveling in Europe ::
While traveling anywhere in the world, remember anything can happen. By taking some proper steps, you can be prepared as best as possible for the unexpected. Remember, you're on vacation, you need to enjoy yourself, but you also need to remember some helpful tips in order to stay safe and healthy... |read more|

Less Stress with Airport Security

Less Stress with Airport Security ::
Airports can be a bit complicated, but if you follow the Transportation Security Administration guidelines provided for you, it can make your experience quick and efficient. Of course there is the occasional security search that can never be avoided, but that is the beauty of security - unpredictable to protect you, the traveler. Here are some helpful tips that will reduce your wait time at the security checkpoints... |read more|

Recognizing Cultural Differences and Embracing Them

Recognizing Cultural Differences and Embracing Them ::
For many people traveling to Europe, the cultural differences they experience (and unknowingly display) are something many overlook. As a traveler and guest in someone else’s country, you need to be sensitive to the culture of your host country, both for your own enjoyment and for the impression you leave behind... | read more |

Using the Phone Internationally

Using the Phone Internationally ::
Using the phone in Europe can get confusing at times. Once you have the codes down, you can do it pretty easily. Below are some basic calling instruction, followed by a chart of European Country Codes.... | read more |

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