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helpful travel tips

Before You Go ::
Helpful Travel Tips

There are so many things to try to remember to do before you leave on a European vacation. Try to relax throughout this process. You are going on vacation! We have complied some suggestions to help you remember what to do before you travel.

In Advance ::

  • Enroll in frequent flyer mileage program
  • Request in-flight meals for special dietary needs
  • Check auto insurance policy or credit cards to ensure coverage on rental car
  • Check medical insurance policy for coverage of out-of-town needs
  • Purchase travel insurance
  • Purchase or arrange to borrow guidebooks, maps, and phrase books for destination
  • Ensure passport or visa is current
  • Make sure all medications are filled and current
  • Purchase film or extra memory cards for your camera.
  • Purchase electronic converter for your electronic equipment

Make Arrangements ::

  • Arrange for pet sitter
  • Arrange for houseplant and lawn care
  • Arrange for pickup of packages and solicitations left at door
  • Make photocopies of important documents (1 set to take with you and one set to leave with someone)
  • Leave emergency contact info and itinerary with relative or friend
  • Verify available spending limits on credit cards
  • Make sure your ATM card can be used internationally and has a 4 digit pin number
  • Purchase local currency
  • Purchase traveler's checks
  • Pay bills
  • Put hold on newspapers
  • Put hold on mail
  • Arrange transportation to and from airport (this also includes when you arrive at your travel destination)
  • Check to see if you can use your cell phone internationally and set it up with your provider
  • Purchase calling cards

Day Prior to Departure ::

  • Set timers for lights in house
  • Water plants
  • Empty trash
  • Update voice mail and e-mail auto-reply message
  • Update Web sites that you manage
  • Give or throw away perishables from refrigerator
  • Get seat assignments for flights
  • Charge electronic devices or install new batteries
  • Set your alarm to wake up at proper time for flight!!
  • Relax, you’re going on vacation.
  • Put gas in the car if you are driving yourself to the airport
  • Clean up your home (it’s nice to return to a clean home after a great vacation)

Day of Departure ::

  • Lock all windows and doors
  • Turn up thermostat
  • Disable garage door opener or set to vacation mode
  • Remove unnecessary cards from wallet (library, video rental, punch cards, extra credit cards)
  • Check in for flight via Web
  • Get a pack of gum for the airplane
  • Power-off computer and other sensitive electronic equipment
  • Lock all luggage; ensure all pieces have current ID tags
  • Set house alarm
  • Enjoy Your Trip!
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